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Meet results for 2009 Season

Please note that all results posted on the VYC website are for information only, and are not official until ratified by the conference.

Top 20 through Week 7, Posted on 5/11/09 @ 9:00 am

Eastern League:  Individual  Relays  Relays (No Names)

Western League: Individual  Relays  Relays (No Names)

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1 Mar 28 01-SCE vs SCTC 02-CAL vs NP, AV 03-LAF vs SV, VR 04-UN vs SCW 05-NV vs HDH 06-CC vs WVE, TT
2 Apr 4 07-SCTC vs CAL 08-SCE vs TT,NV,AV 09-UN vs WVE 10-NP vs CC,LAF 12-VR vs HDH 13-SCW vs SV
3 Apr 11 15-SV vs SCTC 16-CAL vs LAF 17-NP vs HDH,NV,TT 18-WVE vs SCW 19-VR vs AV,CC 20-UN vs SCE
4 Apr 18 21-SCW vs CAL,SCTC 22-SV vs WVE, AV,TT, HDH 23-VR vs UN,NP 24-NV vs CC 25-SCE vs LAF  
5 Apr 25 Sat  28-Invitational Meet - Granada Hills HS
5 Apr 26 Sun  (Complete Results)
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6 May 2 29-SCTC vs NP 30-SV vs AV,NV 31-SCE vs SCW,VR 32-CC vs HDH 33-UN vs LAF,TT 34-WVE vs CAL
7 May 9 35-SCTC vs CC,SV 36-SCW vs  TT,NV 37-CAL vs UN 38-VR vs LAF,SCE 39-WVE vs NP 40-AV vs HDH
8 May 16 Open Finals 41-Eastern Open - Canyon HS 42-Western Open - COC
8 May 17 League Finals 43-Eastern League - Canyon HS 44-Western League - Royal HS
9 May 30 45-Individual Event Championships - Santa Barbara CC
  Western League     Eastern League
AV Antelope Valley   CC Chatsworth Chiefs
CAL Calabasas Cheetahs   LAF LA Falcons
HDH High Desert Heat   NP Northridge Pacers
SCW Lightning Warriors   NV Golden Bears
SV Simi Valley   SCE Running Warriors
UNT United Track Club   SCTC Storm
WV West Valley Eagles   VR Valley Raiders
TT Thimsha Tigers      

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Note: Top 20 list updated once per week. Meet correction will be updated as they come in, Top 20 list should show corrections the following week.

Questions about these results should be directed to your club representative