Meet results for 2005 Season

Please note that all results posted on the VYC website are for information only, and are not official until ratified by the conference.

Top 20 Lists for Week 7 (lastest versions posted 5/17/05 6 am)
Note - Revisons made since 5/16/05 8 pm only affected Western League BG LJ, no impact in other rankings. 
All results still subject to further review
Western League:  Individual  Relays
Eastern League:  Individual  Relays

1 Apr 2 WV vs PAG SCTC vs UNT vs NV CC vs SCW SCE vs LAF vs HW VR vs TT vs CAL SV vs NP
2 Apr 9 WV vs VR vs CAL NV vs SCE CC vs SV LAF vs SCTC vs NP TT vs UNT SCW vs HW vs PAG
3 Apr 16 WV vs SCW NV vs PAG vs VR CC vs SCTC LAF vs UNT TT vs HW vs SV NP vs SCE vs CAL
4 Apr 23 SCTC vs WV UNT vs CC SCE vs TT HW vs PAG LAF vs CAL SV vs NV vs SCW
4 Apr 24     VR vs NP - Sunday meet    
5 Apr 30/ May 1 VYC Invitational @Birmingham HS
6 May 7 SCTC vs VR  vs LAF UNT vs NP vs HW   SCW vs CC vs WV CAL vs NV vs TT SV vs SCE vs PAG
7 May 14 TT vs PAG UNT vs WV vs HW SCE vs SCW vs SCTC VR vs SV vs CC CAL vs LAF NP vs NV
8 May 21 Open Finals East @ Birmingham HS West @ Westlake HS
8 May 22 League Finals

East @ Birmingham HS

West @ Westlake HS

9 Jun 4 IEC Individual Event Championships @ Santa Barbara City College Photo Results


  Western League     Eastern League
CAL Calabasas Cheetahs   CC Chatsworth Chiefs
HW Hawks Track Club   LAF LA Falcons
PAG Plays and Grades   NP Northridge Pacers
SCW SCVAA - West   NV North Valley Golden Bears
SV Simi Valley   SCE SCVAA - East
UNT United Track Club   SCTC Santa Clarita Track Club
WV West Valley   TT Thimsha Tigers
      VR Valley Raiders

We will try to post  the Top 20 lists on Tuesdays. 

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