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Lane 5

Established in 2017, Lane 5 Track and Field Club (L5) is a non-profit organization, located in Palmdale, California that promotes youth development, growth, and personal awareness through a comprehensive track and field program. The mission of Lane 5 Track and Field Club is to provide youth track and field athletes with the experience to fundamentally develop his or her strengths, stamina, and speed while cultivating self-confidence, personal responsibility, and goal achievement. Lane 5 Track and Field Club seeks to strengthen youth runners who wish to develop his or her leadership skills, self-motivation, moral character, educational, and athletic aspirations. Our motto is “One team…One dream.” Our club philosophy revolves around cultivating a safe and positive family environment where our athletes will increase their leadership skills, learn the concept of respect for self and others, team
camaraderie, critical thinking skills, public speaking, and get involved in community service opportunities. Lane 5 athletes will grow in their sense of ownership and decrease in their sense of entitlement. Are you ready to trust the process?

Head Coach
Dominic Walker

League Division: Western


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